Friday, August 11, 2006

What is Good Persuasive Research Paper Writing All About?

Knowing persuasive techniques can help you express your thoughts and ideas more cogently and coherently. When you practice looking at the argument of the opposition, you learn to argue against the opposition more effectively or even change your mind.

Religion and politics are perplexing issues to deal with because they are based on the strong moral convictions, such as faith, culture, feelings, and family. Many people have firm beliefs on these issues, and no amount of logic on the part of the opposition will cause people to change their minds. Hence, it is not advisable to start writing a research paper on one of these topics.

In all persuasive writing you should stand on the issue at hand.

Remember that successful persuasion has four elements in common:
  1. Emotional appeal.
  2. Logical appeal.
  3. Ethical credibility.
  4. Call to action.
The first three elements are called “the rhetorical triangle.”

Do not try to persuade different people using the same approach simply because…
  • Some people will need to hear your logical argument.
  • Other people need to have the opposing arguments destroyed.
  • Most people can be persuaded by showing them that other arguments are good, but yours are better.
The technique of concession allows you to show good points of the opposition and to prove that your arguments are better. Concession is important because it allows you to show and see good reasoning on the part of the opposition. At the same time you have the opportunity to show your own better reasoning. You concede the validity of the opposition, but then you prove the superiority of your position.

The technique of strawman destroys the arguments of the opposition. This technique was named after the contest, which was held in the Middle Ages when they were no real opponent to challenge. The knight set up a straw man to use as his target and then destroyed it. In this type of persuasion, you first establish what the point of view of the opposition and then destroy it using convincing arguments.

This kind of persuasion is important because it allows you to destroy the arguments of the opposition without insulting a person.

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