Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quick Searching Tips

If you have any difficulties with finding the information you are looking for and do not want the deadline to stare in your face, you should take some time and learn how to find right information quickly and efficiently.
  1. 1. Narrow your search to a few key phrases. Be realistic about how much information you can cover.
  2. Do not stray away from your topic. Do not get sidetracked by inappropriate information and delve into unnecessary descriptions and explanations.
  3. Know the limits of your resources. Information in books may be out-of-date. Remember that online information may be more current and topical, but it may lack the historical perspective you need.
  4. Give yourself enough time. Remember that you need to take a considerable amount of time to find the right information for your research paper.
  5. “Bookmark” useful resources. Include reference works and academic resources related to your paper in the list of favorites.
  6. Use resources you have found to discover even more resources. One source can point to other sources of equal or greater value. Pay attention to books, articles, and the names of experts that you find mentioned in a reliable source.
  7. Organize your sources for maximum efficiency. Have the key resources – dictionaries, thesaurus, writing handbooks, paper files, and electronic file folders, - you can make a practical use of always at hand.

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