Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why most students hate writing papers?

Three term papers due tomorrow with three major tests from three of the classes as well as a long math assignment. What should a student do? This problem while in exaggeration often happens to students. It is like all the teachers decide to overwhelm the students in their classes with not only tests on the same day but also term papers, essays, or other writing assignments. This is the reason most students hate writing term papers or other types of writing.

Other reasons for disliking writing assignments are poor English classes in high school, often instructors fail to explain different essay writing styles, unsure of topics to write, and instructors fail to read the writing assignments. While students hate writing term papers when there are several due at the same time sometimes it is a matter of timing and preparation. If the syllabus tells when different term papers are due, then begin preparing as early as possible. When more than one instructors assign term papers that will be due at the same time, try talking to the essay instructors and asking for different due dates will help.

Many instructors do not purposely assign term papers to be due on the same day. Talking to them can often make a difference. For instance, begin research several days before it is due. Begin writing note cards a couple of weeks before the term paper is due. Often high school English classes fail to explain the tasks involved in writing successful term papers or essays. Often students fail or make low grades on these high school English papers and the students develop hatred toward any type of writing assignments.

Many high school teachers assign writing assignments for every chapter of their text. Boredom leads to hate. While nothing can be done to change high school or college teachers, instruction on how to write successful term papers and essays does help. The first step to a great term paper is a hook with an interesting anecdote, statistic, or fact. The next steps are similar to any five-paragraph essay of introduction, body, and conclusion. Check the Internet for more directions on how to write a great essay.

Many instructors do not thoroughly explain the different styles of custom academic writing. APA, MLA, or other styles are usually explained on the Internet. Many successful sample papers are available free of charge on the Internet. Explanations of these take the fear out of the writing of essays.

Students often lack self-confidence in their academic writing abilities or they do not know how to pick a topic. Brainstorming will help in finding interesting topics. Write down everything you know about a topic. Use this to select and write about a topic. The best way to gain self-confidence is to practice writing essays and then have someone proofread it for you.

Students often feel writing college term papers or custom essays are a waste of valuable time. The reason they feel this way may be for two reasons: first, they know the teacher will not read the essay or they know the teacher will not give them feedback about the essay. This makes the student angry and causes them to hate essays. Discuss your feelings with your instructor and ask if he/she cannot tell you what they liked or disliked about the essay.

Sometimes teachers do not feel they have the time but if they know a student wants the information they might take a little more time reading and giving feedback. Secondly, sometimes the grade on an essay seems unfair. Talk to the instructor about how the essay was graded.

Students dislike writing term papers, essays, or other writing assignments for a number of valid reasons. Knowing why the student hates writing term papers or essays is often the first step in correcting problems to help the student become more equip in writing assignments. Often time is a key reason students hate writing term papers, essays, or writing assignments. Begin preparation as early as possible on any writing assignment. Do not be afraid to reach out and get help if it is needed.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why Students Turn to Custom Writing Services?

Plagiarism has been condemned lately by all types of experts, including scholars, university board members and even commercial parties, such as TurnItIn, which sells plagiarism detection software righteously claiming that plagiarism should be combated through the most efficient and up to date tools. Well, if such company ever reaches its ultimate goal of eliminating plagiarism, it will go out of business, since there will be no more need for plagiarism detection.

Meanwhile, we see that everyone discussing plagiarism has certain motivation and interest to defend one point or another. Students, however, don't seem to have an interest to speak on this subject at all, or worse - they have never been asked.

I neither belong to the camp that combats plagiarism, nor to the one that defends or partially justifies it. I simply want to make the voice of college students heard with no hidden reason behind it.

My own college profile of a "straight A student" had nothing to do with any type of plagiarism that would involve direct copy/paste and serious violation of copyright law. However, now that the definition of plagiarism has evolved to such a broad extent, I can't tell for sure whether all my college assignments can be referred as 100% original and plagiarism-free.

While I was able to devote most of my time to studying (with 2 scholarships that covered almost 85% of my college expenses, and monthly checks from my parents, who had above average income and the only daughter to spend it on), I saw many of my friends struggling with their assignments, especially when it came to writing essays and developing research papers.

At that point I didn't question the meaning and purpose of my own devoted enthusiasm for education. I enjoyed the process as the end in itself, didn't have to worry about money and had all those skills and talents for being a successful student. Most of my friends, however, were different. I didn't like to hang out with the "know-it-all" crowd. I enjoyed the company of people with different backgrounds and different perspectives on life. I could learn something new from each one of them.

My friends and I were very close and we could trust each other any secret with no doubt. So, I knew they cheated on the exams occasionally and hired someone to write their term papers. However, their integrity has never been challenged in my eyes by this knowledge. I knew them well enough to tell that they had their own reasons. Were they valid enough? I can't judge that objectively, because they were my friends and I was on their side. But one thing I can tell for sure - these reasons must be heard before blaming anyone a degraded cheater.

Victim Of Social Pressure

My friend Joshua grew up in a hard-working, but relatively poor family with three other siblings, who were younger than him. [...]

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How fast can you receive custom research papers?

Custom writing services market is highly competitive, more so now than ever before. That’s why, custom writing companies try to do their best to organize a stable network of patrons, to attract new clients by offering them flexible discount systems, lots of free items into the bargain of custom written papers, including emergency delivery option. So, if your writing assignment is due for today or tomorrow, you can choose this option and receive custom written paper just right to your e-mail box overnight.

With you have three options of custom research papers delivery: regular, fast, and emergency. Regular delivery option takes 4+ days to accomplish your order, and the cost of this order is $14, 95 per page. Fast delivery option implies that your paper will be delivered to you in 48 hours for the rate of $19, 95 per page. Emergency delivery option was specifically designed for those who are in a rush and their deadline is approaching sooner, so they can have their custom papers delivered to their e-mail boxes in 24 hours deadline for the rate of $24, 95 per page. specializes in same-day service, claiming that they can handle virtually any deadline. They offer three e-mail delivery options, which are based on the service and payment method that you choose. 1) You can place an order though $34, 99 service, and be sure that your paper will be delivered via email within 24 hours. 2) Search Engine service provides you with pre-written papers, which you can instantly download to your computer. The cost of pre-written papers varies depending on the length of the paper, quantity of cited sources, and complexity of the researched topic. It ranges from $ 135,95 to $25, 95. 3) Custom Research Service infers that your paper will be written exclusively for you in accordance to the requested guidelines and delivered at the exact time and date that you specified in your order. asserts that if necessary and you are willing to pay a premium price, they can prepare research materials and notes and have it back to you within the same day by e-mail or fax. However, it depends on how busy they are, and the timing also depends on the size and the content of the project you are requesting. The orders exclude same day deliver, and 1 or 2 days deadlines are charged as the urgent orders for the rate of $14, 95. Therefore, they do not give any guarantees as per the processing of the emergency requests.

Therefore, it is becoming obvious that custom writing services try to do their best to cater the most sophisticated needs of the clients, being dedicated to their complete satisfaction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can be sure that they will always give you a hand of help and find the best possible solution for your unique needs.

Monday, March 06, 2006

How does it work?

Overall, custom writing companies has a single-step procedure of ordering custom research papers, which is claimed to be very simple and secure.

This procedure varies from one company to another. Overall, once a customer decides to order a custom paper, he goes to the order page, places an order for the required information, and waits for his order to be processed. When the order is processed, the customer receives a confirmation letter with his order ID and description. The confirmation letter also contains the information about the status of his order. The customer usually pays for his order via online check or credit card on a website of the particular custom writing company.

In a nutshell, it works in this way:

  1. A customer fills in the order form and pays securely online.
  2. The customer receives a confirmation e-mail and accesses to his online account.
  3. One of the custom writing professionals starts working on the required paper.
  4. The custom paper is e-mailed to the customer before the deadline.