Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Knack for Writing is a Ticket to Work or a Ticket out?

Writing is a power-packed way of keeping yourself on track for success, happiness, and personal progress. Writing mobilizes multi-sensory moment that only powerfully activates your inner success mechanisms.

That’s why don’t neglect accomplishing your writing assignments properly and bear in mind that harnessing good writing skills is an indispensable knack to gain success in life and get a good job.

The success strategy of writing repeatedly can deliver big results. Therefore, seize the chance to master good writing skills in the course of studying and remember that writing research papers can be a good preparation for your future career.

Remember that in the contemporary world “writing is not a frill for the few, but the essential skill for the many”. People who can’t write and communicate clearly are not likely to be hired and are unlikely to be considered for promotion. It confirms that individual opportunity depends critically on the ability to present one’s thoughts coherently, clearly, and cogently on paper.

In fact, writing is a threshold skill for both employment and promotion. The survey reveals that good writing is taken as a given in today’s professional work.

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